Add labels to an atom

Q1: Which label is missing from the following diagram?

Atom with a missing label
Not quite - I made this word up! Hehehehe.
Nope - if you want to know a positron is an electron's evil twin.
Correct! Nice work.

Describe an atom's structure

Q2: The nucleus contains

Afraid not - double check the diagram above.
Not quite - check the diagram above.

Describe an atom's structure

Q3: The number of protons in an atom is the same as the number of

Nope - re-read the info page.
Sorry - there's only one nucleus

Give the charge and mass of each sub-atomic particle

Q4: Which particle has a mass of 1 and a charge of zero?

Incorrect - electrons have a charge of -1 and a mass of zero.
Incorrect - protons have a mass of 1 and a charge of +1.
Well done!

State how charges will interact with each other

Q5: Which particle will attract an electron?

Well done. Protons and electrons have the opposite charge and so will attract each other.
Incorrect - neutrons are neutral - they are not affected by charge.
Incorrect. Electrons have the same charge and so repel each other.
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